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Tax-favored account administrator change

In a move to provide a tax-favored account vendor that will match the needs of our members, we are discontinuing our contract with Discovery Benefits and are pleased to announce we will now partner with Flex-Plan Services (soon to be Navia Benefit Solutions).

Local provider earns contract
Flex-Plan is a local company, located in Bellevue. They pride themselves on quality customer service, top of the line technology, and the ability to meet and exceed customer expectations. They offer HRA, HSA, FSA & COBRA administration for HRA/FSA.

If you currently utilize Discovery Benefits you already received a direct email communication from us describing the transition plan. Questions? Contact Trust staff. 

Thinking of adding a tax favored account in 2016?
If you use another vendor or plan to implement a tax-favored account in 2016 and are interested to learn more about Flex-Plan Services contact us as soon as possible at benefitinfo@awcnet.org or 1-800-562-8981. Paperwork must be received in our office by November 30 for a January 1 effective date.

Below is a listing of rates the Trust has negotiated with Flex-Plan Services:
 FSA Monthly admin fee
 $4.15 PPPM
 FSA Minimum monthly admin fee
 HRA Monthly admin fee
 $3.00-$4.00 PPPM*
 HRA Minimum monthly admin fee
 HSA Monthly admin fee
 $2.00 PPPM 
 HSA Minimum monthly admin fee
 Paid by AWC Trust 
PPPM: per person per month
*Fee will vary based on employer parameters and complexity of plan

HSA Bank still a contracted partner
The Trust is continuing its relationship with HSA Bank, so for those purchasing their HSA benefits through HSA Bank, nothing changes.