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If you earned a 2014-2015 Mini-Grant, July 1 is the deadline to turn in your reimbursement request.

Wellness mini-grants are intended to fund follow-up education and activities that target high risk areas identified by the annual Health Questionnaire. They are available each year to Trust members who reach 50% participation in the annual Health Questionnaire.

The mini-grant amount is based on the number of employees with AWC Trust medical insurance at your city or organization. If you qualify for the grant, you can receive $5 per Trust-insured employee, with a minimum of $50 and maximum of $500.

Double your dollars!

If you reached 50% participation by September 1 of last year, then the Trust doubled your mini-grant to $10 per Trust-insured employee, with a minimum of $100 and maximum of $1,000!

Mini-grants have been used for…

Trust members have used mini-grants this year to purchase exercise equipment, furnish private employee break rooms, plant employee gardens, pay for healthy cooking demonstrations, buy resistance tubing strength and toning exercises, and much more. If you qualified for a 2014-2015 mini-grant, be sure you use it by July 1! Then get ready to earn a new one for 2015 – 2016!

See if you’ve earned a mini-grant this year. Get more information under our “Grants” section! More