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Wellness Forums by the numbers

One hundred forty-two (142) wellness coordinators and committee members, representing 90 different AWC Trust members, attended a Wellness Networking Forum at one of ten locations across the state over the past two months.

In review

During the Forums coordinators learned about updates to this year’s WellCity Award standards. They reviewed tools and programs the Trust offers directly to employees to support their well-being, and they discussed resources the Trust provides for employers to support their health promotion and WellCity efforts.

Coordinators also learned strategies for developing genuine engagement in their wellness programs, including culture-building activities, designing meaningful activities, honoring employees’ autonomy, supporting the wellness activities employees do on their own, and finding ways to build small wellness messages and activities into normal workday routines.

Coordinators also were presented with a history lesson outlining the evolution of workplace wellness, dating back to 1879 when the Pullman Company formed its own athletic association, and 1894 when National Cash Register (NCR) president John R. Patterson led employees on horseback rides before work and instituted morning and afternoon exercise breaks!

Thanks to everyone who attended a Forum this year!