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WellCity milestone: Behavior change activity

WellCity Standard 8.3 requires that you offer at least one behavior change activity during the program year. If the 2016 WellCity Award is your goal, make sure to include a behavior change activity in your 2015 program.

Behavior change activities typically last from 6 to 8 weeks, or they may be ongoing throughout the entire year. They involve setting goals, learning new health information, practicing new skills, and tracking progress.

As defined in the eWellCity Glossary, behavior change activities:
“provide structured opportunities to practice new, healthy behaviors over an extended period of time – usually several weeks – with the goal of developing health habits that become a regular part of a healthy lifestyle. Commitment, goals and tracking are important for these activities. Behavior change is difficult, but it’s these types of activities that lead to reducing health risks and improving health.”

The Trust has behavior change options for you!

Examples of behavior change activities include ongoing exercise classes, multiple session seminars, ongoing support groups, and AWC campaigns like Live Out Loud (LOL), the Gratitude Graffiti Project, Walk Across Washington, and Healthy Habits for Life.

Questions? We’re here to help!

If you have a questions about whether a particular activity qualifies as a behavior change program, please contact the wellness team anytime for assistance.