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What’s your why? Five hot wellness engagement strategies

The difference between participation and engagement was a hot topic at the recent American Journal of Health Promotion Conference. Consider the approaches below to make wellness experiences that your people will connect with in genuine, meaningful ways. To explore these strategies and others in more depth, join us at one of our Wellness Networking Forums!

  1. Start with strengths. Don’t assume your employees aren’t already doing wellness activities – they are! Find out what they’re doing on their own and then find ways to support what they’re already doing.
  2. Make meaning. Give employees a meaningful rationale for your wellness program. Design a program that reflects the interests and values of your people. Focus on intrinsic motivation instead of external motivators. What makes your people tick? Ask them, “What’s your why?”
  3. Go stealth. Find small ways to work wellness messages and activities into the normal workday. Not everything you do needs to be, nor should it be, a special event that requires a lot planning, promotion, or work. You don’t even have to call everything you do “wellness.”
  4. Honor autonomy. People have a deep need for autonomy and do not like to be told what to do. Offer a wide variety of program choices that appeal to different personalities and interests.
  5. Build culture. Wellness activities fizzle if the overall culture doesn’t support health. Create workplace conditions that support well-being. As your wellness program matures, find ways to evolve from doing an activity here and there to influencing the workplace culture.