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Harrison Hospital Update

Harrison hospital in Bremerton remains a non-contracted provider. Negotiations are ongoing, and we remain hopeful that Harrison will re-join the Regence network in the future. Until then, we have come to a recent agreement for ER services at Harrison.

Harrison Hospital – Emergency Services

For services provided by the Harrison Hospital emergency room, Regence will provide coverage at your in-network benefit level and you will not be subject to balance billing, Regence will pay Harrison directly for emergency services.

If you have received emergency services at Harrison after Aug. 22, 2014, and believe you may have been balance billed, please contact our Regence Customer Service team at the phone number listed on the back of your member ID card.

Harrison agreed to the above terms for ER services only. The following home address zip codes are excluded from the agreement: 98322 (Burley, WA), 98353 (Manchester, WA), 98359 (Olalla, WA), 98366 (Port Orchard, WA), 98367 (Port Orchard, WA), 98384 (S. Colby, WA), 98386 (Southworth, WA).

Non-Emergency Services

Non-emergency services remain at the non-contracted benefit level and may be subject to balance billing. See the letter sent by Regence to members within 10 miles of Harrison Hospital. More

We remain hopeful of the possibility that Harrison will re-join the Regence network in the future. We will provide updates as any new developments occur.

Contact Trust staff with any questions.