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Workers' Comp Retro

Why AWC Workers’ Comp Retro

The AWC Workers’ Comp Retro program provides training and tools that empower employers to lower risks for on-the-job injuries. Our focus on injury prevention and safety reduces your overall workers’ compensation costs and provides the opportunity for refunds.

About the AWC Workers’ Comp Retro Program

AWC Workers’ Comp Retro Program is a voluntary financial incentive program that helps employers reduce their industrial insurance costs through improved claims experience and refunds. We offer the Retro Pool and the Safety Alliance, our service-only program.

Member expectations

Every employee, home safe, every night is at the heart of our work and member expectations. Not only do these expectations ensure members are in compliance with state regulations, but that all members are working together to realize the largest refund possible for the Retro Pool.


Find out who serves on the AWC Workers’ Comp Retro board and advisory committee.

Our members

AWC Workers’ Comp Retro offers services for cities, towns, and other local governments across Washington State. View our current member roster.

Joining AWC Workers’ Comp Retro Program

Your jurisdiction could benefit from membership. Learn more.

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Our mission is every employee, home safe, every night.


Our vision is:

  • We are the premier workers’ compensation program in the State of Washington.
  • We achieve the highest standards for comprehensive employee safety programs.
  • We provide financial stability and exceptional stewardship of public resources.