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HR & Labor Relations

Washington City and County Salary and Benefit Survey

Each year, the Association of Washington Cities conducts a comprehensive survey of salaries and benefits provided to employees in Washington’s cities and counties. The survey is an important service of AWC, providing city and county officials with comparable data to assist them in determining equitable wages and benefits for their staff. Data collection takes place in the spring, with final results available to members in mid-summer.

Online reporting system

An online reporting tool is available to those who represent management. It allows you to create and print custom reports with data from the jurisdictions you choose. In addition, you can view and print a PDF of the entire survey results. Survey data for 2017 and prior years is now available.

To access the online reporting system

HR directors, city managers/administrators, mayors and other management staff can access the reporting system by following these steps:

  1. Click here for the Salary & Benefits Reporting System
  2. Enter your Login ID and password
  3. Under “AWC Applications,” click “AWC Salary & Benefit Survey On-line Reports”

This online tool is intended for those who represent management only. Specific authorization is needed from AWC staff to gain access to the system. Management representatives in cities and counties and AWC Associate Members who don’t already have access or don’t see the survey listed can contact Marnie McGrath, 360-753-4137 or marniem@awcnet.org.

2017 Salary and Benefit Survey order form

The 2017 Salary and Benefits Survey results are now available to members with prior approval. Non-members, including unions, can purchase a printed version of the 2017 survey results for $200, plus tax. Orders must be pre-paid. 2017 Salary survey order form.