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Rallying the crew: Cities muster local talent to set sail for the new normal

Cityvision magazine (March/April 2011) highlights how cities can align budget strategies with other priorities, from community sustainability to overall quality of life.

Reaching out: How mutual trust can lead to productive collaboration

Cityvision magazine (July/August 2017) explores how cities work collaboratively with tribes throughout the state. Find out how cities and tribes learn from each other as they work to benefit their shared communities.

Red Flag Checklist – Communicating about your city’s financial condition

This checklist provides 15 "red flag" conditions that could indicate problem areas in your city's financial future.

Categories: Budget & finance

Reflect and serve: Cities enhance public safety by aligning with community values

Cityvision magazine (January/February 2012) highlights gang outreach and block watch programs, and an interactive crime map. Plus, how cities untangle the complex knot of public safety issues surrounding medical marijuana.

Categories: Cityvision, Public safety

Refresh and restore: Finding your community's unique path to revitalization

Cityvision magazine (July/August 2015) features stories of cities that have taken core community attributes and leveraged them for creative revitalization. For any number of reasons, cities and towns statewide can find themselves on the downward side of the progress curve.

Regeneration, revitalization, renewal: The three Rs of city hall

Cityvision magazine (May/June 2014) highlights bold, but humble, city leaders who help their communities rebuild.

Categories: Cityvision

Scaling the walls: Cities employ smart risk management to reach their goals

Cityvision magazine (March/April 2016) explores how good crisis mitigation is about taking a comprehensive look all around you and realizing that we're all partners in prevention. Doing the preventive work, anticipating the crisis before it happens, assessing our risk, and developing various strategies to mitigate it is everyone's job.

Scaling up: Building community on a foundation of economic equity

Cityvision magazine (March/April 2015) explores how cities invest in affordable housing, provide opportunity through transit access, and manage the hot-button minimum wage.

Sharing the well: How cities are planning for future water needs

Cityvision magazine (September/October 2011) focuses on city water needs including water rights, innovative storage, and reclamation technology.

Short Course on Local Planning

The Short Course on Planning is the pre-eminent training course on land use for planning commissioners and elected officials in Washington. Access this training through a series of ten short videos. (CML: Community planning and development; 3 credits)

Show of strength: Leading communities beyond disaster to recovery

Cityvision magazine (January/February 2015) explores how cities respond to crises. Plus, expert perspectives on multiple elements of emergency management.

Categories: Cityvision, Public safety

Small City Resource Manual

Small cities are different than their larger counterparts. This resource manual provides a brief overview of key topics and outlines important issues.

Categories: Publications, Small cities

So you want to be an elected official...

Interested in running for office in Washington’s cities or towns?

Soul patches: How culture and heritage nourish community spirit

Cityvision magazine (May/June 2017) examines how art is shaped by and helps shape your community values. Discover how cities are using art to reflect their local culture. Marysville details their new opera house, Colfax celebrates its ghosts, and La Conner's Mayor talks about his city's quality of life.

Streamlined Sales Tax and Business Licenses

Access resources about SST and mitigation.

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