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Civic Service Awards

AWC recognizes city officials who have retired after 20 or more years of service to their city. Elected officials, city managers and administrators, city clerks, senior department directors and city attorneys are eligible.

Categories: Awards

Clear days ahead: Cities look for direction on marijuana legalization

Cityvision magazine (September/October 2014) highlights the many issues surrounding retail recreational marijuana.

Cross roads: The intersecting priorities of commerce and community

Cityvision magazine (July/August 2013) looks at coal trains, perspectives on transportation benefit districts, rural main-street design, and new case law on culverts.

Crunch time: Cities talk with voters about the looming budget threat

Cityvision magazine (September/October 2010) explores new budget approaches, citizen congress, and congress.

Developing story: strategies for a new generation of resilient infrastructure

Cityvision magazine (September/October 2016) sees how cities are looking to the future, from Pullman’s smart-city grid to Spokane’s clean-water initiative to an electric charging station in Rosalia.

Categories: Cityvision, Infrastructure

Exploring Washington’s cities and towns

This high-level publication explores how cities in Washington function including city budgets, how city funds are used, what city governments do, what city employees do, and many facts and figures to illustrate it all.

Forming Successful Partnerships

This workbook explores the benefits of partnerships, types of partnerships, a step-by-step action guide for implementation, and sample agreements.

GMA comp plan conversation starters

This Growth Management Act "starter package" features a series of 12 videos covering planning and land use roles and responsibilities, budget, economic development, community engagement and more. (CML: Community planning and development; 1 credit)

Green makers: Taking action for a sustainable future

Cityvision magazine (September/October 2017) explores how cities' pathways to sustainability are lead through innovation, collaboration, perseverance, and sacrifice.

Categories: Cityvision, Environment

Guidelines for city officials who routinely engage with legislators or communicate with constituents about legislative matters

The Public Disclosure Law, passed by initiative in 1972, includes important legal restrictions on how cities and towns communicate with their legislators and constituents about legislative issues at the state level. The law includes a distinction between lobbying and other advocacy communications related to legislation at the state level. Understand what’s allowed and not allowed.

Categories: Legal requirements

Guidelines for city streets as part of state highways

AWC and the Washington State Department of Transportation provide guidelines on the interpretation of RCW 47.24 and the construction, operations and maintenance responsibilities of WSDOT when a city street is part of a state highway.

Categories: Resources, Infrastructure

Guidelines for elected and appointed officials using social media

Social media is a tool growing in popularity for developing direct communications with your community and creating informal opportunities to reach out beyond official publications. City policies should cover the “official” city account, employee use of social media inside and outside of work, and elected official use of social media.

Guidelines for elected and appointed officials’ participation in elections activity

Elected officials and city staff should understand Public Disclosure Commission (PDC) guidelines before participating in any elections activities, including taking a position on a ballot measure or endorsing a candidate for political office. Review are some common examples of activities city officials may and may not do.

Categories: Legal requirements

Homelessness & housing toolkit for cities

This publication provides 18 real-world examples of tools and actions Washington cities have used in responding to the issues of homelessness and affordable housing. The toolkit includes articles on housing levies, tenant protections, tax exemptions, regional coalitions, emergency rental assistance, and more.

Hot links: Managing engagement in a digital world

Cityvision magazine (November/December 2015) explores how some of the many facets of the digital world affect Washington cities, particularly regarding community engagement.

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