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A look inside the State’s new business licensing service

Nearly 70 cities partner with the Washington State Department of Revenue to issue state and local business licenses through the same Business Licensing Service (BLS). This webinar highlights the state’s one-stop business licensing solution, including recent enhancements.

Budgeting basics

AWC's 10-part online Budgeting Basics series breaks down the various elements of budgeting. Redmond's Finance Director Mike Bailey shares his approach to budgeting and provides guidance and advice for all elements of the budget process. (CML: Public sector resource management; 1 credit)

Budgeting for Cities and Towns in Washington State

Budgeting in cities and towns is about allocating scarce resources across a variety of community needs. This publication covers both the basics of city budgets and provides a look at innovations.

Categories: Budget & finance

Cities 101 videos

Cities 101 is a video series to share within your community through social media, on the web, and at community meetings to tell the story about all the great work that cities do.

City B&O rates and licenses

Gather resources on city B&O tax rates and license information, the city B&O tax model ordinance, and background on apportionment.

City Trends Report

The City Trends Report, published in 2012, evaluates the changing municipal landscape with its critical shifts, challenges, and opportunities.

City-County Assistance Account

Check out how City-County Assistance distributions are calculated and see how much your city can expect.

CPI data

After monthly updates are released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, AWC posts CPI data.

Crunch time: Cities talk with voters about the looming budget threat

Cityvision magazine (September/October 2010) explores new budget approaches, citizen congress, and congress.

Lodging tax

Get information about how to report your annual lodging tax expenditures.

Match game: Finding funding that suits each city's unique needs

Cityvision magazine (November/December 2013) explores how tax levies, new state funding tools, and tax cuts help cities meet development goals.

Municipal rates and fees

Dive into a dataset of municipal taxes, fees and utility rates, which facilitates benchmarking, and members’ budget and policy making decisions.

Open Data Portal

Research and data for fact-based decision making, Data is presented in tabular, map and graphic formats on timely topics ranging from city election results to utility rate trends to recreational marijuana revenues.

Portion control: Cities adjust their appetites to new federal fiscal realities

Cityvision magazine (January/February 2013) explores how cities can do great things with grants, innovation, and collaboration, when local and federal priorities align. Plus expert perspectives on gun safety and floodplain management.

Rallying the crew: Cities muster local talent to set sail for the new normal

Cityvision magazine (March/April 2011) highlights how cities can align budget strategies with other priorities, from community sustainability to overall quality of life.

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