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Building blocks: Infrastructure investments that move cities forward

Cityvision magazine (January/February 2010) explores public-private development agreements, responsible urban renewal, Main Street revivals, prompt permitting and more.

Clear days ahead: Cities look for direction on marijuana legalization

Cityvision magazine (September/October 2014) highlights the many issues surrounding retail recreational marijuana.

Exploring quasi-judicial land use decision-making

Get a working knowledge of changing land use laws. Failure to properly follow procedures and laws can have significant consequences to the city and to individual decision-makers.

GMA comp plan conversation starters

This Growth Management Act "starter package" features a series of 12 videos covering planning and land use roles and responsibilities, budget, economic development, community engagement and more.

LID video series

This video series helps local governments with the code review and update process for managing stormwater, explaining what low impact development (LID) is and how these stormwater permit requirements present both new opportunities and challenges for local governments.

Low impact development

Low Impact Development (LID) will soon be the required method for managing stormwater in Western Washington's urban areas and some Eastern Washington urban areas. Discover resources to help you make sense of the code review and update process.

Categories: Land use & planning

Low impact development: Code update and integration

This recorded webinar helps elected officials, public works directors, and planning commissioners prepare for the regulatory changes to the current NPDES permit that make low impact development (LID) the preferred and commonly used stormwater management approach.

Open Data Portal

Research and data for fact-based decision making, Data is presented in tabular, map and graphic formats on timely topics ranging from city election results to utility rate trends to recreational marijuana revenues.

Refresh and restore: Finding your community's unique path to revitalization

Cityvision magazine (July/August 2015) features stories of cities that have taken core community attributes and leveraged them for creative revitalization. For any number of reasons, cities and towns statewide can find themselves on the downward side of the progress curve.

Scaling up: Building community on a foundation of economic equity

Cityvision magazine (March/April 2015) explores how cities invest in affordable housing, provide opportunity through transit access, and manage the hot-button minimum wage.

Short Course on Local Planning

The Short Course on Planning is the pre-eminent training course on land use for planning commissioners and elected officials in Washington. Access this training through a series of ten short videos.

Tapping deep roots: Building for the future by repurposing civic resources

Cityvision magazine (July/August 2012) shows that the "old-to-new" ethos is very much alive. Explore sustainable renovation, grant funding, and development while respecting the past.

You be the judge: A look at the hearing examiner system

This webinar explains the hearing examiner system and how it may allow your council to better concentrate on policy-making and potentially reduce liability exposure.