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Affordable Care Act

Quickly approaching in 2018 is one of the final provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) -- the excise tax on high cost employer sponsored health coverage (also referred to as the “Cadillac Tax”).

Basics of Collective Bargaining – Negotiating with Unions in the Public Sector

This manual is the definitive resource for anyone in a public agency involved in the collective bargaining process on behalf of management (only available to management representatives who have been granted access).

CPI data

After monthly updates are released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, AWC posts CPI data.

LEOFF 1 Disability Board Best Practices Resource Guide

The LEOFF 1 Disability Board Best Practices Resource Guide contains valuable information for LEOFF 1 board members, board secretaries, and anyone involved with LEOFF 1 medical responsibilities and costs. The resource guide outlines key responsibilities, guidance, statutory requirements and provides sample policies to help navigate this complex issue.

Washington City & County Employee Salary & Benefit Survey

Research city and county salary and benefit information, which facilitates benchmarking, and members’ budget and policy making decisions.

Washington State Public Employer Overtime Guide

The Overtime Guide, revised in 2016, outlines the major provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act and Washington Minimum Wage Act. It provides practical advice to public employers for compliance with these complex laws and minimizing overtime liability.