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Chaos to communications

Get the top 8 takeaways from Chaos to Communications, 2017 AWC Annual Conference session.

Categories: Media

Guidelines for elected and appointed officials using social media

Social media is a tool growing in popularity for developing direct communications with your community and creating informal opportunities to reach out beyond official publications. City policies should cover the “official” city account, employee use of social media inside and outside of work, and elected official use of social media.

Strong Cities Pocket Guide

A pocket guide to help city officials mobilize, engage, and hold legislators accountable in order to uphold a strong city-state partnership.

Categories: Publications, Media

Tutorials on working with the media

Watch two short videos to learn how to get the media to cover an issue you care about and team up with other cities to get local editorial board attention.

Categories: Media

What"s black, white, and read all over?

Get tips from a panel of reports who had a frank conversation with city officials about working with the media in the 21st century.

Categories: Resources, Media

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