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53 Suggestions for Successful Public Service

Get ideas on how you can govern better.

AWC’s elected officials’ road map

Elected officials must learn all about their new role, what their city does, and how to inspire change that has a lasting impact on their community and future generations. This road map helps elected officials navigate their first year in office.

Basics of Collective Bargaining – Negotiating with Unions in the Public Sector

This manual is the definitive resource for anyone in a public agency involved in the collective bargaining process on behalf of management (only available to management representatives who have been granted access).

Cityvision magazine

Cityvision magazine, published every other month, tells the story of Washington's 281 cities and towns.


CityVoice is AWC’s weekly electronic newsletter for city elected officials, city staff, and associate members. The newsletter delivers information relevant to cities including breaking news, state and federal updates, tools and resources, research and data, training opportunities, and grant notices.

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Forming Successful Partnerships

This workbook explores the benefits of partnerships, types of partnerships, a step-by-step action guide for implementation, and sample agreements.

Homelessness & housing toolkit for cities

This publication provides 18 real-world examples of tools and actions Washington cities have used in responding to the issues of homelessness and affordable housing. The toolkit includes articles on housing levies, tenant protections, tax exemptions, regional coalitions, emergency rental assistance, and more.

Legislative Bulletin

The Legislative Bulletin, emailed weekly during session and monthly during the interim, is one of AWC’s most valuable legislative resources for cities. It covers what you need to know about issue areas, hot topics, and how to take action on city priorities.

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Mayor & Councilmember Handbook

This handbook serves as a reference guide for mayors and councilmembers in Washington cities and towns operating under the mayor-council form of government. There are, however, materials on issues which also directly concern elected officials in council-managers cities. It covers the job of a mayor and councilmember, budget basics, council meetings, ethics, and other resources.

Municipal rates and fees

Dive into a dataset of municipal taxes, fees and utility rates, which facilitates benchmarking, and members’ budget and policy making decisions.

Operation Strong Cities Pocket Guide

A pocket guide to help city officials mobilize, engage, and hold legislators accountable in order to uphold a strong city-state partnership.

Small City Resource Manual

Small cities are different than their larger counterparts. This resource manual provides a brief overview of key topics and outlines important issues.

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So you want to be an elected official...

Interested in running for office in Washington’s cities or towns?

State of the Cities – 2007

This report explores how cities promote economic development in their communities, the successes they've had and the barriers they are experiencing.

State of the Cities – 2008

Although many cities work hard to maintain infrastructure systems, this report highlights how many lack the needed resources to provide infrastructure for a growing population.