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A summary of House Bill 2136, comprehensive marijuana market reforms

Passed in 2015, HB 2136 is the Legislature's first effort to amend Washington's recreational marijuana law. Among its numerous provisions, the bill restructures the recreational marijuana tax structure, provides for local revenue sharing and flexibility, and clarifies many of the provisions of the original law. This resources outlines marijuana excise tax revenue sharing for cities.

AWC’s elected officials’ road map

Elected officials must learn all about their new role, what their city does, and how to inspire change that has a lasting impact on their community and future generations. This road map helps elected officials navigate their first year in office.

City B&O rates and licenses

Gather resources on city B&O tax rates and license information, the city B&O tax model ordinance, and background on apportionment.

City-County Assistance Account

Check out how City-County Assistance distributions are calculated and see how much your city can expect.

Exploring Washington’s cities and towns

This high-level publication explores how cities in Washington function including city budgets, how city funds are used, what city governments do, what city employees do, and many facts and figures to illustrate it all.

Guidelines for city streets as part of state highways

AWC and the Washington State Department of Transportation provide guidelines on the interpretation of RCW 47.24 and the construction, operations and maintenance responsibilities of WSDOT when a city street is part of a state highway.

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Let’s move

Let’s Move Cities and Towns encourages mayors and elected officials to adopt a long-term, sustainable and holistic approach to fighting childhood obesity.

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LID video series

This video series helps local governments with the code review and update process for managing stormwater, explaining what low impact development (LID) is and how these stormwater permit requirements present both new opportunities and challenges for local governments.

Liquor Cannabis Board fact sheets available now

View the Liquor Cannabis Board’s (LCB) fact sheets on legislation enacted during the 2017 legislative session.

Lodging tax

Get information about how to report your annual lodging tax expenditures.

Streamlined Sales Tax and Business Licenses

Access resources about SST and mitigation.

What"s black, white, and read all over?

Get tips from a panel of reports who had a frank conversation with city officials about working with the media in the 21st century.

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