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Are you in legal jeopardy?

This recorded webinar provides a fast-paced overview of the various legal dos and don'ts for elected officials and other city leaders.

Budgeting basics

AWC's 10-part online Budgeting Basics series breaks down the various elements of budgeting. Redmond's Finance Director Mike Bailey shares his approach to budgeting and provides guidance and advice for all elements of the budget process.

Ethics in local government – Why it is important

The ethical decisions facing both elected officials and employees have become increasingly complex and challenging. This webinar will provide a basic understanding of unethical situations and the tools and tips to handle them.

Holding court: Municipal dos and don'ts

You choose to operate a municipal court as a vital community service. Operating a court is complex. Make your court more efficient, effective and fair.

Knowing the Legal Territory

This video series is a must-see for every newly elected mayor and councilmember. This training fulfils the Open Government Training Act requirement for elected officials.

Legal considerations and practical tips regarding executive sessions

Executive sessions, if conducted properly, can be integral to informed decision-making for city councils, particularly regarding sensitive issues. This update on key issues includes practical guidance and best practices.

Mayor & Councilmember Handbook

This handbook serves as a reference guide for mayors and councilmembers in Washington cities and towns operating under the mayor-council form of government. There are, however, materials on issues which also directly concern elected officials in council-managers cities. It covers the job of a mayor and councilmember, budget basics, council meetings, ethics, and other resources.

Open Public Meetings Act eLearning

This eLearning training opportunity was created in partnership between MRSC and AWC to provide information on the Open Public Meetings Act (OPMA). The training is customized for city and town councilmembers and mayors to help meet an important training requirement in accordance with the Open Public Meetings Act Training.

Public Records Act eLearning

In partnership with the Municipal Research and Services Center (MRSC), this course is customized for city and town councilmembers and mayors to help meet an important training requirement in accordance with the Open Government Trainings Act.

Scaling the walls: Cities employ smart risk management to reach their goals

Cityvision magazine (March/April 2016) explores how good crisis mitigation is about taking a comprehensive look all around you and realizing that we're all partners in prevention. Doing the preventive work, anticipating the crisis before it happens, assessing our risk, and developing various strategies to mitigate it is everyone's job.

Short Course on Local Planning

The Short Course on Planning is the pre-eminent training course on land use for planning commissioners and elected officials in Washington. Access this training through a series of ten short videos.

Where's the line? Roles & responsibilities of elected officials

This on-demand training module outlines the roles and responsibilities of elected officials. You'll learn the differences between mayor/council and council/manager forms of government, explore the various types of meetings, and get practical advice for being an effective local leader.

You be the judge: A look at the hearing examiner system

This webinar explains the hearing examiner system and how it may allow your council to better concentrate on policy-making and potentially reduce liability exposure.