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City Trends Report

The City Trends Report, published in 2012, evaluates the changing municipal landscape with its critical shifts, challenges, and opportunities.

Clear days ahead: Cities look for direction on marijuana legalization

Cityvision magazine (September/October 2014) highlights the many issues surrounding retail recreational marijuana.

LEOFF 1 Disability Board Best Practices Resource Guide

The LEOFF 1 Disability Board Best Practices Resource Guide contains valuable information for LEOFF 1 board members, board secretaries, and anyone involved with LEOFF 1 medical responsibilities and costs. The resource guide outlines key responsibilities, guidance, statutory requirements and provides sample policies to help navigate this complex issue.

Open Data Portal

Research and data for fact-based decision making, Data is presented in tabular, map and graphic formats on timely topics ranging from city election results to utility rate trends to recreational marijuana revenues.

Reflect and serve: Cities enhance public safety by aligning with community values

Cityvision magazine (January/February 2012) highlights gang outreach and block watch programs, and an interactive crime map. Plus, how cities untangle the complex knot of public safety issues surrounding medical marijuana.

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State of the Cities

The State of the Cities research reports explore the fiscal health and trends of Washington’s cities and towns.

State of the Cities – 2012

Washington's cities provide police, court, prosecution, public defense and jail services. This report outlines how cities are meeting challenges.

Ties that bind: Social services partnerships help cities weave new solutions

Cityvision magazine (March/April 2014) helps cities bridge the social service gaps in their communities.