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Published on Thursday, December 17, 2015

Short Course on Local Planning

The Short Course on Local Planning, presented by the Department of Commerce, is the pre-eminent training course on land use for local officials in Washington.

The Short Course on Local Planning is a three-hour workshop covering comprehensive planning and plan implementation under the State Growth Management Act (GMA). It provides an overview of the complex mix of land use planning laws, Open Public Meetings Act training that fulfills local government official training requirements, local official roles in planning, and best practices for public participation.

Additionally, through a collaborative effort between the Department of Commerce, AWC, RMSA, the Planning Association of Washington, American Planning Association Washington chapter and others, anyone can now access the Short Course core content via a series of ten short videos available online. These videos are a helpful resource for both new planning commissioners and elected officials, and experienced officials seeking a refresher.

Visit the Department of Commerce website for the most up-to-date listings.

If you are a city elected official, and have viewed all ten videos, click here and select GMA Short Course on Local Planning to receive 3 credits towards your Certificate of Municipal Leadership and meet the community planning and development requirement.

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