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Data & Resources

Resources for newly-elected officials

AWC serves its members, cities and towns, through advocacy, education and services. Below are important resources for newly-elected officials.

Mayor & Councilmember Handbook

This handbook serves as a reference guide for mayors and councilmembers in Washington cities and towns operating under the mayor-council form of government. There are, however, materials on issues which also directly concern elected officials in council-manager cities. It covers the job of a mayor and councilmember, budget basics, council meetings, ethics, and other resources.

Knowing the legal territory

Did you miss AWC's Elected Officials Essentials training in December? We have it! Hear from Foster Pepper's Steve DiJulio about city authority, governance, open government, ethics, and more.

Open government eLearning

These customized, online courses help elected officials meet state-required training for the Open Public Meetings Act and Public Records Act.

So you want to be an elected official…Practical information for people running for office in Washington’s cities and towns

This short pamphlet provides general information about what cities do, roles and responsibilities, how to work as part of a team, and where to go for more information.

AWC's elected officials road map

Elected officials must learn all about their new role, what their city does, and how to inspire change that has a lasting impact on their community and future generations. This road map helps elected officials navigate their first year in office.

Explore other AWC resources

Includes publications, city data, and eLearning.