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2016 Legislative candidate survey responses

We asked all candidates who filed to run for state legislative positions to answer five questions about issues that are important to cities. These questions are relevant to strengthening the partnership between cities and the state. The survey will help city officials understand legislative candidate perspectives on city issues. If you don’t see the candidate from your district, follow up with them to make sure they plan to complete the survey. If they decline to respond to the questionnaire, ask if they can meet in person to answer the questions. Find the blank survey here.

If you choose to support candidates in your private capacity, as is allowed by law, you may want to consider holding your endorsements until you’ve received satisfactory answers from candidates about what they have done or will do to maintain a strong city-state partnership.

A note about city officials’ involvement with elections: As a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, AWC does not endorse. However, city officials may engage in political activity in their private capacity. City officials are encouraged to read and understand the Public Disclosure Commission’s guidelines prior to endorsing a candidate or supporting or opposing a ballot measure.

District 2
Amy Pivetta Hoffman

District 3
Larua Carder
Marcus Riccelli

District 4
Scott Stucker

District 5
Paul Graves
Chad Magendanz
Mark Mullet

District 6
Lynnette Vehrs
Mike Volz

District 7
Mike Foster

District 8
Larry Haler
Brad Klippert
Steve Simmons

District 9
Mary Dye

District 10
Doris Brevoort

District 11
Bob Hasegawa
Erin Smith Aboudara

District 12
Brad Hawkins
Dan Maher
Jerry Paine
Mike Steele
Jon Wyss

Districit 13
Tom Dent

District 15
David V. Taylor

District 16
Rebecca Francik
William Jenkin
Terry R. Nealey
Maureen Walsh

District 17
Vicki Kraft
Paul Harris
Sam Kim

District 18
Kathy Gillespie
Eric Holt

District 22
Beth Doglio
Laurie Dolan
Sam Hunt
Steve Owens

District 23
Sherry Appleton
Loretta Byrnes

District 24
Mike Chapman
Kevin Van De Wege
George Vrable

District 25
Karl Mecklenburg

District 26
Michelle Caldier
Larry Seaquist
Randy Spitzer
Jesse Young

District 27
Jeannie Darneille
Jake Fey
Gregory Taylor

District 28
Christine Kilduff
Dick Muri
Marisa Peloquin
Pasul Wagemann

District 30
Teri Hickel

District 31
John Frostad

District 32
David Schirle
Cindy Ryu

District 34
Joe Fitzgibbon

District 35
Dan Griffey
Drew MacEwen

District 37
John Dickinson

District 41
Judy Clibborn
Steve Litzow
Tana Senn

District 42
Luanne Van Werven

District 44
John Lovick

District 45
Larry Springer
Ramiro Valderrama

District 47
Mark Hargrove
Barry Knowles

District 48
Patty Kuderer

District 49
Lewis Gerhardt
Alishia Topper
Sharon Wylie