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Published on Friday, January 25, 2013

Expansion of water-sewer district authority

Rep. Takko (D-Longview) has introduced a proposal (HB 1239) significantly expanding the authority of water-sewer districts. We look forward to the hearing on January 29 to understand more about the need for this legislation, but we need feedback from cities on this new authority before the hearing. The bill is rather short and is quoted in full below – the new language is underlined. Please provide feedback to Carl Schroeder.

[Water Sewer Districts are authorized] To exercise any of the powers granted to cities and counties with respect to the acquisition, construction, maintenance, operation of, and fixing rates and charges for waterworks and systems of sewerage and drainage and to exclusively exercise the same power granted to cities and towns with respect to the permitting, design, construction, inspection, and approval of facilities that are critical infrastructure for the functions of water works and systems of sewerage and drainage to the same extent as cities and counties exercise as to their own infrastructure. Critical infrastructure constitutes facilities that have as their exclusive purpose the functions necessary to water works and systems of sewerage and drainage.