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Published on Friday, January 25, 2013

Stormwater bills scheduled for hearings

Newly elected Rep. Pike (R-Camas) has come out of the gate looking to help local governments manage our stormwater responsibilities, and has already secured hearings on two bills on January 30. HB 1235 would require the Department of Ecology to give the highest priority for stormwater management funding assistance to local projects or activities that are required by municipal stormwater permits.

HB 1237 would authorize the Department of Ecology to establish a pilot project for an alternative approach to managing stormwater impacts from existing development through off-site capital improvements. Although this bill is focused on Clark County’s Phase I permit – and deals with a situation that remains under legal challenge – encouraging the Department to be innovative in how local governments manage stormwater is a potentially enticing concept for cities. Any feedback on these proposals to Carl Schroeder would be appreciated.