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Published on Friday, April 3, 2015

Your voices can play a key role as legislative leaders and the Governor work to find consensus on the budgets

Please contact your legislators and remind them:

  • Your city relies on liquor and other shared revenues, and they should not support any proposal that reduces them. The House proposal maintains local liquor revenue. The Senate proposal continues the 50% cut in liquor taxes from last biennium and sweeps nearly all of the Fire Insurance Premium Tax.
  • The Public Works Trust Fund is a critical infrastructure loan program and further cuts are not acceptable. The House proposal funds a moderate loan list (same as Governor’s budget). The Senate sweeps another $200 million in the next biennium.
  • Cities need a sufficient share of the new marijuana taxes to help address local impacts. Both budget proposals include a new, but small, amount of marijuana taxes to share with cities and counties. While cities appreciate such sharing to help address local impacts, the $12 million over two years for cities and counties is insufficient to share among the many communities impacted by legal marijuana.
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