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Published on Friday, April 3, 2015

Governor’s toxics bill moves but is in trouble

Despite passing from the Senate Energy, Environment & Telecommunications Committee, the Governor’s toxics reduction bill (HB 1472) that supplements the efforts on the fish consumption rule is in trouble. Philosophical disagreements about the right level of authority for the Department of Ecology to order industry to investigate alternatives for the use of toxic chemicals in products is potentially derailing the effort. This is problematic for cities as we strongly desire that the Governor’s more moderate approach on the water quality rules continue to move forward, and the Governor has indicated that he views a substantive piece of legislation on non-point toxic reduction as a core component of his overall strategy on toxics. If this bill does not pass, or passes in a form viewed as too weak, there is a strong likelihood that the whole effort is re-examined – with potentially devastating results for cities. Stay tuned as this issue promises to come right down to the end.