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Published on Friday, March 20, 2015

Bill on thermal energy efficiency would create new requirement when constructing or renovating some city buildings

2SHB 1095 contains a number of provisions related to energy efficiency, most of which do not apply directly to cities. However sections 3 and 4 create a new requirement for “critical governmental facilities.” Specifically it would require a lifecycle cost analysis prior to construction or renovation of such facilities including an identification and analysis of critical loads for each energy system and a combined heat and power system feasibility assessment. Critical governmental facility is defined as a publicly owned building that is expected to:

  • Be continuously occupied;
  • Maintain operations for at least 6000 hours each year;
  • Have a peak electricity demand exceeding 500 kilowatts (kW); and
  • Serve a critical public health or public safety function during a natural disaster or other emergency situation that may result in a widespread power outage, including such facilities as a prison, police station, or hospital.

This bill has already passed out of the House and was heard in the Senate Energy and Environment & Telecommunications Committee.