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Published on Friday, March 13, 2015

Action continues on marijuana legislation

The House Finance Committee passed a substitute version of HB 2136 last Friday. The committee rejected several amendments supported by cities that would have significantly improved the revenue sharing components in the bill. SHB 2136 has now been referred to the House Appropriations Committee for consideration, but has not yet been scheduled for a hearing.

This is an important time to talk with your local legislators about the importance of sharing marijuana excise tax revenue with cities. If you are attending a legislative Town Hall meeting this weekend, please let your legislators know that cities need a sufficient share of this revenue to address local impacts and ask them to relay that message to their budget leaders. We are very concerned that the legislature will not provide any revenue or pass a bill that provides only a small amount of revenue sharing that would be inadequate to address local impacts.

SSB 5052 addressing medical marijuana is scheduled for a vote in the House Health Care & Wellness Committee today. A slightly modified version of the bill is likely to pass the committee and then be referred to the House Appropriations Committee for further action.

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