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Published on Friday, March 6, 2015

House Finance Committee considers marijuana revenue sharing bill

The House Finance Committee held a hearing on HB 2136 on Wednesday evening that includes revenue sharing for cities and counties. AWC would like to thank the Mayor Harding of Yelm, Mayor Ryder and Police Chief Pierpoint of Lacey and Councilmember Klobe of Kirkland for coming down to testify on the bill. We also appreciate the numerous cities who signed in to express their desire to see revenue sharing.

During the hearing cities expressed support for local flexibility on siting of marijuana businesses and support for revenue sharing, but asked for some changes to the revenue sharing proposal including: removing the 2022 sunset, removing the annual cap on revenue sharing, and replacing the funding distribution model with one agreed to by cities and counties.

The Committee was slated to take executive action on the bill at noon on Friday, but action has been postponed until later in the afternoon. There are rumored to be several amendments to the bill, but none are publicly available at this time. AWC will update this article as soon as information becomes available.

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