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Published on Monday, March 2, 2015

Bills reimbursing cities for ground emergency medical transportation services on the move

Currently the Health Care Authority of Washington reimburses providers (fire districts) for emergency medical transportation on a fee-for-service basis and through its managed care plans. Providers are reimbursed for ambulance transportation when a client receives needed emergency medical services. Services can range from basic to life support. It also covers non-emergency transportation when a client requires to be transported by a stretcher or gurney or when medical attention from trained medical personnel is available en-route.

HB 2007/SB 5840 creates a supplemental payment program for government owned and operated providers that provide emergency ground transportation services to Medicaid beneficiaries and creates an intergovernmental transfer program to fund increased managed care payments for public ground EMT services. This is a big deal for fire districts and cities who have seen Medicaid costs rise. These bills would provide $100 million in new money to public safety and more than $20 million in new revenue to the state’s general fund.

AWC is very supportive of these bills as they provide fire districts and cities much-needed financial support and is at no cost to the state. Contact your senator and representatives to voice your support today.

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