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Published on Monday, February 23, 2015

State audits of local government data storage and management

HB 1008 authorizes audits of state and local government data storage and management practices. AWC heard from a number of cities with concerns about the initial bill and worked with the prime sponsor on several amendments. These amendments include:

  • Clarifying that the audits are to determine whether adopted standards are being met;
  • Allowing local governments to adopt standards established by the state’s Chief Information Officer (OCIO) or another generally accepted standard;
  • Delaying the start date for audits until July 1, 2018;
  • Requiring the auditor to consult with the OCIO and local governments in providing training;
  • Requiring audit reports to be provided only to the executive bodies of local governments and state agency heads; and
  • Modifying the Open Public Meetings Act to require discussion about the security and vulnerability of IT systems and plans to be held during executive session.

AWC recognizes the bill may need additional refinements to be workable for cities, and we will continue to work with the bill’s sponsor as it moves through the legislative process.

Categories: Budget & finance