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Published on Friday, February 6, 2015

New approach for septic to sewer bills

AWC has been working to find a compromise in response to bills which would have required cities to pay for all sewer infrastructure costs in public right of way when a septic system fails and a city requires mandatory hookup to public sewer.

Two new bills, HB 2010 and SB 5871 have been introduced that would replace the earlier bills, with the first being heard next Thursday in the House Local Government Committee. The new proposal would require cities to offer an administrative appeal when septic repair or replacement of existing single family systems are denied and sewer hookup is required. Cities will be able to use an existing appeal mechanism and may still choose to require hookup. There are also a series of considerations that the appeal must consider, including cost to the homeowner, system and financing issues, and environmental issues.

Given the significant change in approach and retention of local authority, AWC intends to be supportive of this compromise. Please contact Carl Schroeder if you have feedback or concerns.