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Published on Friday, February 6, 2015

Impact fee deferral bill is back again

Like a bad penny, the impact fee deferral bill (HB 1709) has shown up once again. As before, the building industry is advocating for a uniform system for deferral of impact fee collection until either the time of closing or 18 months after issuance of a building permit, whichever is earlier. The proposal contains a few of the provisions that we had successfully negotiated in previous iterations, including a limitation to only the first 20 homes per builder/developer, and only for single family or condominium units.

The bill has an effective date of July 2016. AWC has been opposing this bill for many years, and we will oppose again. That said, the proponents of the bill continue to pick up support and this proposal has come very close to becoming law for several years in a row. If there are ways you can see to make this more workable they would be very welcome. Please contact Carl Schroeder.