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Published on Friday, February 6, 2015

Revision of latecomer fees for water and sewer infrastructure

HB 1911, supported by AWC and a number of our member cities would provide a new tool for cities to finance water and sewer infrastructure.

The proposed legislation would amend chapter 35.91 RCW to provide municipalities with the authority to solely finance water/sewer facilities and recoup (rate-payer) infrastructure investments through latecomer reimbursements to the municipality. Exercise of this authority would require establishment of an assessment reimbursement area, limitations on reimbursable costs, notification of affected property owners and public hearing procedures.

This legislation parallels existing municipal authorities for street improvements under chapter 35.72 RCW. Chapter 35.91 RCW currently limits municipality participation in water/sewer facility latecomer reimbursement only to situations where they are partnering with a private developer.

The bill is currently scheduled for public hearing in the House Local Government Committee at 1:30 pm on February 12.