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Published on Friday, January 18, 2013

Selection of sewer systems in urban areas

Rep. Angel (R-Port Orchard) has asked for our feedback on a proposal to expand authority for the selection of “appropriate sewer systems” in urban areas. Specifically, HB 1052 provides authority for cities and counties, when providing urban services within urban growth areas, to choose “as the main source of sewage treatment for any location any approved systems for sewage and solid waste handling systems, plants, sites, or facilities, which includes approved on-site sewage systems.” Previous versions of this proposal have raised concerns about the appropriateness of some of these technologies and their siting inside and outside of urban growth areas. This is a narrower approach and feedback would be helpful. Please share it with Dave Catterson.

This bill is currently scheduled for public hearing in the House Local Government Committee at 1:30pm on January 22.