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Published on Friday, January 16, 2015

Removal of authority to set minimum room sizes for single family residences

HB 1123 may look familiar to some of you. It is a revised approach to an issue we dealt with last year, with the goal of promoting affordable housing by eliminating minimum size standards for single family residences. Specifically, “The legislative body of a county or city… may not adopt amendments [to building codes] that regulate or restrict the minimum dimensions of habitable spaces in single-family residential buildings including, but not limited to, the minimum dimensions of floor or room area, unless the regulation is necessary for a fire, life safety, or environmental purpose.”

Some cities have indicated a willingness to accept a bill that prevented a jurisdiction from adopting a minimum gross floor area requirement for single family dwellings if the room dimensions within the dwelling meet the standards of the International Residential Code or the International Building Code.

Please provide any feedback on the proposal or the potential compromise to Carl Schroeder.