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Published on Wednesday, July 9, 2014

AWC Perspective on Retail Marijuana – Most Important is Local Control

On Tuesday, the media captured images of the first retail marijuana transactions in the State. A number of articles followed with a variety of pros and cons of retail marijuana. AWC has long been a proponent of local control, and this matter is no exception. Many cities have adopted regulations allowing the siting of recreational stores while others, still operating under moratoria for a variety of reasons, continue the discussion of what is best for their community. Fewer than 10 jurisdictions have banned business.

For those communities allowing, or for those who feel they will be impacted by the industry, we continue to strongly advocate that marijuana tax revenue be distributed among local communities and the State. To meet federal guidelines issued by the U.S. Attorney General, we are required to have a strong, continuous partnership between state and local governments. AWC advocated for that partnership, including funding, last session, and will continue to do that in the upcoming session.

For AWC, this is an opportunity to advocate on behalf of cities and towns for local control, and the ability for jurisdictions to choose what is appropriate given their unique circumstances.