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Published on Tuesday, July 8, 2014

City Revenue Discussions Continue

AWC and the Washington State Association of Counties (WSAC) continue to lay out the “problem statement” with legislators about why current revenue is inadequate to serve growing populations and the subsequent demand for services.

At the second interim work session of the House Finance Committee, counties gave a thorough presentation about their fiscal challenges, covering subjects such as inadequacy and inflexibility of current revenue streams, and costs that are outpacing revenue. Legislative staff followed with a review of city and county expenditures and current tax authority and capacity. This meeting is part of an ongoing series of conversations about city and county fiscal sustainability.

Now that the challenges have been discussed in detail, the Committee’s next meeting will focus on possible legislative solutions. Both AWC and WSAC have a short couple of months to identify possible options, and be ready to put some ideas on the table. For AWC, this means compiling ideas from our Municipal Finance Ad Hoc and Legislative Committees, sifting through previous work on local government funding, and talking with cities and towns for their suggestions and ideas. We are organizing ideas under the following topics:

  • Removing Constraints on Existing Revenue Streams
  • Considering New Revenue Options
  • Achieving Greater Fiscal Autonomy
  • Containing Costs

As we sort through ideas about how to improve city finances, we are always interested in hearing what would really help you. Send your suggestions to AWC’s Victoria Lincoln or Serena Dolly.

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