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Published on Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Fundamental AWC Policy Position Statement Undergoes an Update ...

When the Governor, legislators, state or federal officials, or our own members want to know what the Association of Washington Cities stands for, we turn to the Statement of Policy. The Statement of Policy outlines positions AWC holds on fundamental municipal issues, and serves as the framework for developing our legislative priorities and positions.
The Statement of Policy evolves over time, and does not remain static.  It is reviewed regularly, and is available for amendment during the Annual Business meeting which occurs during the AWC Annual Conference in June.  To prepare for review and amendment, the AWC  Board President appoints a State and Federal Policy Committee comprised of city officials throughout the State. The Committee works with AWC staff to conduct a review, and suggest amendments to the Policy.  The amendments are then voted on by delegates in attendance at the Annual Business Meeting.
On June 5, the Committee completed their review, and forwarded an updated Statement of Policy to the membership for consideration at the June 19 Annual Business meeting. Within the document, there are: 
  • Descriptions of Core Principles that outline what is most important to maintain and enhance the ability of cities and towns in order to best serve their citizens and businesses;
  • A series of policy statements on particular issues (listed in alphabetical order), and;
  • Carefully chosen phrases intended to recognize both the diversity of needs among our 281 cities and towns, as well as a recognition of the fundamental authorities needed by all of them to serve citizen needs. 
If you have questions or comments and won't be at the Annual Business meeting next week to express them, please feel free to contact AWC Government Relations Director, Dave Williams.