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Published on Monday, June 2, 2014

Governor Inslee comments on the importance of cities and towns

The Governor was the featured speaker during the King County Sound Cities Association dinner on May 28. Speaking to over 100 people including city and local officials, here a few key highlights from his message:

  • Recognized and expressed appreciation that cities and towns is where the rubber meets the road and decisions matter. He cited several recent examples, and in particular, praised the leadership demonstrated by the mayors in Darrington and Arlington after the tragic Oso landslide.
  • Noted that cities are where things happen that make a difference. He used an example of how local land use and capital decisions have resulted in almost all of Central Puget Sound’s growth happening in cities, much of it is transit oriented development.
  • Acknowledged that budgets have been challenging at both the State and local levels over the last 5 years, and cities are at the end of the financial spigot. As a result, cuts in programs like the Public Works Trust Fund pained him.
  • Shared his experience during a recent visit to the town swimming quary in Tenino where he participated in buying raffle tickets to keep it open. He believes that situations such as this are not acceptable.
  • He talked about the financial challenges facing the State, and in particular, funding for K-12 education. The audience applauded when he said that the solution in identifying funding for education isn’t to zero out financial support of cities or dessimate social and human service assistance.
  • He spent time talking about transportation system needs, and funding challenges facing both the State and local governments, commenting that investments are needed befitting our economic growth. He pledged to continue working to find a bipartisan solution.

In the end, Governor Inslee reminded everyone that the state-local government partnership is critical, and that he’ll need help and support maintaining it.

Operation Strong Cities

The Governor's comments directly relate to our recent launch of Operation Strong Cities. Read more about it here.