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Published on Wednesday, May 14, 2014

AWC Helps Legislative Candidates Focus on City Issues

Later this week, we’ll know which brave souls are throwing their hats in to run for the 2015-2016 Legislature. What we don’t know yet, is what many of them think about issues that matter to cities. To help you understand their views before the fall election, AWC is rolling out a questionnaire that will be sent to all declared candidates for the 122 State Legislature positions (98 House and 24 Senate) up for election.

This is the time of year when candidates file and declare their intention to run or re-run for election. As a result of declaring candidacy for a position, many individuals and organizations will ask candidates for their views on certain issues. This is a standard part of their decision making process on who to endorse and/or support with campaign funds. AWC neither endorses nor contributes funds, however, AWC does want you to know what candidates think about issues that are important to keeping our communities safe and prosperous.

We’ve never done this type of candidate questionnaire, and it’s possible that candidates may choose not to answer our questions. This is where we need your assistance. If you can, please encourage them to complete the questionnaire and share their answers. We hope many do, and will be posting their responses on our website after June 9.