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Published on Friday, April 18, 2014

Legislature makes little progress on transportation revenue package, future uncertain

Over the past two sessions, cities have actively promoted a transportation revenue package with direct distribution for cities, local revenue options, enhanced funding for state grant programs (e.g. Transportation Improvement Board, Safe Routes to Schools, Freight Mobility Strategic Investment Board, the Bicycle/Pedestrian program, and Compete Streets), and funding for local projects and state projects that benefit local communities. The House of Representatives passed their version during the 2013 session, and the Senate held listening forums across the state last fall. The two houses started negotiations in the fall, those continued into December, and in the end, negotiations stalled with substantial differences still outstanding.

With discussions focused on education funding during the 2015 session, it is unclear if transportation revenue will be a priority for either house.

The Legislature did pass a supplemental transportation budget with a few minor items of interest to cities. See here for more details.

BillTracker AWC priority Bill # Descriptive title Final status
  Endorse ESHB 2463 Reducing fraud and abuse of parking privileges reserved for persons with disabilities Law; Effective 7/1/2015
    SB 5141 Allowing motorcycles to proceed through red lights under certain conditions Law; Effective 6/12/2014
    ESSB 6001 Supplemental transportation budget Law; Effective 4/4/2014
  Endorse HB 1892 Authority for a vehicle fee by a countywide Transportation Benefit District when another jurisdiction within the county has already imposed the fee Failed
    HB 2426 Authorizing continued use of automated safety cameras to detect speed violations outside of school zones in Seattle and Tacoma Failed