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Published on Friday, March 21, 2014

Legislature fails to make new investments in infrastructure

City infrastructure needs are great and investment in local infrastructure creates jobs and promotes economic development. Two of AWC’s major priorities and some of our other significant issues in the 2014 session related to infrastructure investment.  These included:

  • A statewide transportation revenue package with local revenue options;
  • SHB 2244, which would have restored diverted revenues into the Public Works Assistance Account at the end of this biennium; 
  • HB 2349, related to “Value Capture Financing” which would have created a tool for cities to impose a special property tax within a district on the incremental property value increase to finance public improvements;  and 
  • A capital budget with investments both in specific projects and grant programs that benefit cities.  

The Legislature failed to act on all of these infrastructure proposals.  AWC will continue to collect data and stories over the next several months to prepare to make the case during the 2015 session. 

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