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Published on Friday, March 21, 2014

Very few city impacts in state budget

With time running short, the Legislature agreed to and passed a supplemental operating budget in the final 24 hours of session. 

In terms of direct impacts to cities, the supplemental budget made very few changes to the two-year budget passed last June. We are very appreciative that legislators maintained their commitment to correct an error in last year’s budget that would have made deeper cuts to local liquor taxes, and cities can expect to see liquor revenue at current distribution levels through October 2015.

Despite being in earlier House or Senate proposals, several items cities had advocated for did not make it into the final version. The House version contained funding to continue looking at and developing solutions to the impact of abusive public records requests on local government; the final version did not provide this funding. Likewise, the Senate version contained grant funding for local law enforcement to target metal theft; this was not included either.


We were also disappointed that the supplemental budget requires cities and counties to directly pay 25 percent of the cost of sending corrections personnel to basic training at the Criminal Justice Training Commission. Cities and counties already fully fund the training through fines and fees sent to the state. 

The Legislature failed to adopt a supplemental capital budget which means that no changes were made to the capital budget adopted in 2013.

For more information, see our side-by-side budget comparison here.

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