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Published on Friday, December 14, 2012

House Environment Committee hears from Ecology on fish consumption

The House Environment Committee met on November 30, and Ecology Director Ted Sturdevant and Water Quality Program Manager Kelly Susewind testified for over an hour on their efforts around fish consumption. It was an informative, and at times frank, discussion about where Ecology is going with this process. Legislators asked a number of important questions. If you are tracking the issue, it is well worth watching. Some highlights include committee chairman Rep. Dave Upthegrove indicating that he thought the Legislature would weigh in on this issue in some way, especially given the fundamental nature of the human health, cultural sensitivities, and potential economic impacts. Director Sturdevant expressed several times that he believes the state needs to continue to proceed on this topic, because if we do not the federal EPA will promulgate new fish consumption standards for us.

Watch the video of the hearing here.