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Published on Friday, January 24, 2014

Public record exemption bills scheduled for hearings

This week, legislative committees will hear a number of bills exempting certain documents and information from public records disclosure, including:

  • ESHB 1651: prohibits disclosure of certain juvenile arrest and court records.
  • HB 2239: exempts the identity of a caller to an E-911 system.
  • HB 2403: exempts certain GIS information data for sewers, water mains, and manholes.
  • HB 2376: exempts public employee and volunteer driver’s license number, identicard numbers, and identification numbers from disclosure.
  • HB 2578: exempts competitive bid documents until a contract has been executed.
  • SB 6217: exempts global positioning system data that shows the residence of an employee or worker of a criminal justice agency.
  • SB 6007: exempts customer telephone numbers, customer electronic contact information, and customer-specific utility usage and billing information in increments less than a billing cycle or a month held by a public utility.