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Published on Thursday, November 14, 2013

Public works coalition forming

On Halloween AWC hosted the inaugural meeting of what we hope will be a powerful new coalition advocating for restoration of funding for the state’s Public Works Assistance Account, commonly referred to as the Public Works Trust Fund. Representatives from a broad range of groups sat down to begin planning our efforts to connect with the Legislature in an effort to restore these funds. Business, labor, and environmental interests were represented as well as public owners like cities, counties, water sewer districts and public utility districts.

Collectively we began to map out some next steps in advancing this discussion, including forming a steering committee, identifying legislative champions, and seeking forums to make our case to individual legislators as well as various committees.

In making that case, we need your stories! In particular, if you have information that could help on some of the themes below please send them to Dave Catterson.

  • Why this program is important for the economic development of the state and local communities. Stories of effective economic development and job creation spurred by public works investment will be critical. We want to show the value of this program, not just to local governments but to businesses and local communities.
  • We also need to demonstrate the need for continued future investment, if you have pressing infrastructure needs that are being stymied by lack of access to the trust fund, please let us know so we can use this information.
  • Given the interest from the legislature in continued reform and efficiency of all state programs, we are expecting that conversation to come to the public works accounts as well. Are there reform ideas, such as how projects are prioritized, that you would suggest?
  • Do you have local partners who would be willing to join you in meeting with your legislators about the importance of these investments? Perhaps your local realtors, chamber, contractors or labor council would be interested in working with the city to help demonstrate the broad support for these programs? Contact Dave Catterson if you need help with background materials or have questions.