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Published on Thursday, November 14, 2013

Take action to restore local liquor revenue

Restoring historic liquor revenue sharing with local governments has emerged as one of AWC’s top priorities for the upcoming legislative session. Voter approval of the 2011 liquor privatization initiative, I-1183, should have provided enhanced liquor revenue to cities and counties for public safety purposes. Liquor revenue from license fees and permits has grown substantially since privatization. However, this additional revenue is not making it to city and county accounts. Instead, liquor profit growth has been capped for cities and counties, and liquor tax revenue has been cut by legislative action and diverted to the state general fund.

AWC is working with interested parties to restore liquor revenue growth for cities and counties. This proposal will not have an impact on the current state biennial budget but restores growth at modest increments over the next three biennia. Phasing-in growth mitigates a direct hit to the state budget while reaffirming that the state needs to continue sharing liquor revenue with local governments.

In the next two months, city leaders should take the time to speak to local legislators about the importance of these liquor revenues to city budgets and illustrate the impacts of liquor consumption in local communities. At the same time, AWC is seeking the assistance of local law enforcement groups in this effort, energizing a partnership of general city government and public safety to restore traditional liquor revenue sharing.

For more information, please see our liquor revenue fact sheet.

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