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Published on Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Update on AWCs response to Public Works Trust Fund sweep

One of the biggest disappointments of the 2013 session was the legislature’s adoption of an operating budget that included the transfer of significant revenues from the capital budget. Most notably, they transferred all available funds from the Public Works Assistance Account (PWAA, also commonly referred to as the Public Works Trust Fund) and directed most of the future tax revenues for the PWAA into K-12 education for the next six years. As a result, cities that had been expecting loans from the 2014 loan list were left high and dry, and going forward the funds available through the Public Works Board will be much reduced.

Recognizing that restoring funding for local infrastructure will not be easy and will likely take a sustained effort, AWC is gathering information to share with our members (and eventually legislators) that will help to tell the infrastructure funding story – how and when the Public Works Trust Fund was created and how it has helped us to provide critical infrastructure. We’re also gathering information on the impacts and implications of PWTF sweep. In the coming weeks, in time for the start of AWCs Regional Meetings in October, we’ll be rolling out background information and talking points, as well as responses to many of the misconceptions about the PWTF that we have heard from legislators and others. Our intent is to provide the background information that will help you communicate to your legislators about the importance of restoring infrastructure funding for local governments.

Were you one of the cities whose loan was approved by the Public Works Board but denied by the legislature?

If your city was on the original 2014 Construction Loan List approved by the Public Works Board you will be receiving a request from the Public Works Board to respond to a survey that will provide information on the effect of these loans being denied. (Will the project still go forward? What alternative funding sources will be used?) When you receive this survey (it’s an online survey) AWC encourages you to respond promptly. The survey request will be sent to the contact person identified on your PWTF loan application.