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Published on Friday, June 21, 2013

Now is your last chance to make a difference on Public Works Trust Fund

With a capital budget expected soon (to go along with an operating budget) now is your last chance to contact your legislators asking them to minimize diversions from the Public Works Assistance Account (commonly referred to as the Public Works Trust Find).  As we have been reporting both the House and Senate have proposed to sweep all, or a significant portion of the fund into the General Fund either temporarily or permanently.  While neither chamber has yet released a comprehensive capital budget proposal so we can’t provide any details with certainty, this much is clear:  funding for the 2014 Construction Loan list is clearly at stake.  And some have expressed concern that the amount of revenue in the one-time sweep proposed by the House could even effect unused portions of loans that have already been obligated.  Now is your last chance to contact your legislators and express your support for preserving funding for the Public Works Trust Fund.