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Published on Friday, June 21, 2013

LCB continues to move forward with rulemaking for legalized marijuana

Earlier this week, the Liquor Control Board (LCB) met to consider comments on the preliminary draft rules implementing legalized marijuana under I-502. AWC and a number of cities submitted comment letters. The LCB was surprised by the volume of comments they received and extended the rulemaking process by two weeks in order to review all of them. They now anticipate publishing preliminary rules on July 3 and scheduling public hearings early the following week. Final rule adoption is expected shortly thereafter. 

In a recent meeting with a number of city attorneys, the LCB indicated they are trying very hard to direct potential applicants to local jurisdictions so applicants can become familiar with any local laws and regulations. As the application period draws close, cities should expect increased inquiries from potential applicants. The LCB plans to open the application window for just 30 days. After that, they will notify cities of any applicants in their boundaries. Cities then will have 20 days to provide any comments or objections to the LCB but may request an extension if needed. Cities should anticipate a possible influx of applicant notices once the application window closes and be prepared to respond. (AWC has compiled a preliminary list of cities that have taken action related to regulating marijuana - either medical or recreational – that may be a helpful reference to cities considering adopting regulations.)

Additionally, the LCB is still working on identifying the market demand and defining the total number of licensees (growing, producing and retail) they will allow per county. They expect to have that number around the end of June, and cities should have a better understanding of the total impact once the quota has been identified.

Look for more information in the coming weeks. If you are going to be at the AWC annual conference next week, please join us for our Friday session on this topic.